Friday, October 26, 2007

Childish behavior of grown-ups

I find it very interesting that I seem to be 1 of maybe 3 employees at my place of employment that is a "grown-up" in any manner of speaking. Most of the people I work with are at least my age or older, some much older. Yet they all act more childish than my 4 year old, whining, complaining, name calling and such. Didn't their fucking parents ever teach them any manners?? I detested such behavior when I was in high school and subjected to it day in and day out, only to "grow-up" and realize nothing ever fucking changes. No matter how old you get, where you work, where your kids go to school, it's everywhere! I HATE IT! It's ridiculous and completely unnecessary for any human being to act this way, at any time, for any reason. I would never in my life treat people the way other people do, I have never been able to be completely nasty, no matter how much I disliked the person. I can truly hate someone (which there aren't many that I can say that about) but I can still remember being taught that if you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all. Where in the last 20-25 years has that lesson been lost on all these new-age parents, cuz I know damn well they were taught that by their parents back in the day. It just dumbfounds me on a daily basis the lack of manners and respect in this world, yet people sit back and wonder what is happening to our children that they go around shooting people for "picking on them." I was probably the worst picked on kid all through school, and I still became friends with half the people who gave me such a hard time. I didn't have to shoot anybody, I didn't blow anything up, I didn't go around plotting revenge on them. I just grew up and got the fuck over it.
So I'm done venting now and it's time to crash out!! Goodnight! =0(

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The first day of the rest of my life...or so I'm told!

Ok, so I've officially joined the community of bloggers. As the title says, I've been told I'm going to love it. I don't know if there's anyone who will read these, or enjoy reading them anyhow!
So my friend "G" is the one telling me how great blogging is. I'm sure you'll hear alot about her on here, cuz I always talk about her behind her back =0)
I guess for my first blog I'll give ya a little background on the name, just in case you're wondering. If you're not, then you feel my pain and know exactly what it means. So, I'm the mommy to 3 endearing little boys and the wife of 1 overgrown boy. You'll be hearing alot about ALL these boys, because they never cease to amaze me. It's usually not a "Wow, my boys are smart" or "Aww, my boys are so sweet and wonderful" kind of amazement either. I'll share just a couple of quick stories to start ya off.
I get off work on Mondays at 2:00 and have to pick my 9 year old from school by 3:15. I come home from work down a cup of coffee; wake the sleeping son up(15 mths old), get him changed and shoes on. Get the 4 year old pottied, and shoes on. Go out to put the extra carseat in the van to pick up my sister and my niece, ( I have to take my sister to work and babysit my niece til Grammy comes to pick her up) and what do I notice as I walk out the door??? My husband, who leaves for work when I get home from work, knowing full well everyone I will be chauffering today leaves me our car and takes the van to work. You need a little more info to understand fully....we have a HYUNDAI ACCENT, barely able to squeeze me and the 3 boys into it let alone another carseat and adult. So I pick up the 9 year old from school, explain the situation that he's going to have to sit on his Aunt's lap to drop her off at work. We get to my sister's house, she gets my niece into her carseat. My 4 year old is squeezed sideways in between 2 carseats. My sister climbs in the front seat and the 9 year old climbs in on her lap Mind you, my 9 year old is probably less than a foot away from being as tall as me and his aunt. We get to her work to drop her off and her co-workers are outside on break looking at us. We looked like the damn clown car at the circus when the clowns just keep cclimbing out. I thought it was hysterical, my sister on the other hand was quite embarrassed.
One more quick story....a few weeks ago my 4 year old, we'll call him "C", somehow found this 4 oz. solid chocolate dump truck grandma got him at easter. We don't let them have much in the way of sweets, they don't need it believe me, I don't know where in the world he found it at (shows what a great housekeeper I am, huh?) I got it away from him with only a few scrapes of the teeth across one corner. I put it up and forgot all about it. A few days later, on a Sunday morning, I wake up at 7:30 to "C" running out of the laundry room (his favorite hiding place) with chocolate all around his mouth. I ask him "Where's your chocolate dump truck?," knowing full well that somehow he found it again. His reply "I don't know." Back to him I say ""C" you have chocolate all around your mouth, where is your dump truck?" I'm getting irritated thinking to hide it he probably threw it in the dryer, and with just waking up I could actually picture the chocolate in the dryer with a load of whites. His response this time is sooo cute...."I didn't eat any chocolate, I just put chocolate lipstick on." And he did this in a split second, with no time to think and a completely straight face. I wanted to laugh my ass off and beat his all at the same time. After a little more prodding from his increasingly panicky mother (who was searching the laundry room, the oven, behind the couch, all his "cute" hiding places) this sweet child of mine, with the cutest puppy-dog face tells me he ate the whole thing......before 7:30 in the morning!!!
So these are the kinds of stories you'll have to look forward to here.....if you enjoy come back often cuz I usually have several a day!! =0)